- To provide facilities and leadership.

- To provide occasions for social interaction and facilitate friendships.

- To provide athletic activities suitable for seniors, to encourage fitness.

- To develop programs for arts and crafts.

- To foster an awareness of world conditions

- To enhance the lives of Markham seniors.

- To encourage and support such other activities that will meet the needs of our members.

Revised Constitution, Nov. 6, 2014

Policies and Procedures-Amended May 2017




In September of 1987 about 35 people met with then Mayor Carole Bell in the boardroom of the Markham Community Centre to discuss and assess the need for providing some form of education, recreation & social activities to a growing number of older adults in east Markham.  It was clear there was a need and more than 20 people volunteered to actively assist in the formation of a seniors club.

Soon after a council of 11 members was formed and an executive decided upon. An initial series of activities were chosen as a means of getting the club underway. People volunteered or were chosen as convenors for the various activities and programs were developed for bridge, a lunch & learning series, current events, light exercise, Tai Chi, crafts, square dancing and line dancing.

A membership fee of $10.00 per year was established and within six months 200 members had signed up. A nominating committee was formed to plan for an election of officers to be held the following April. A constitution was drafted and was also presented to the membership at that time. On October 24, 1988 the club was incorporated under the name OLDER ADULTS IN ACTION OF THE TOWN OF MARKHAM.

Activities were well underway by then however they were spread across several venues. Line dancing was  being staged at the library and square dancing at James Robinson  school while the meetings, lunch & learn, Tai Chi, crafts,  euchre and bridge all took place at the Community Centre. It became obvious the group had reached the limits of time and space available  at those facilities and in order to grow a different facilities solution was needed.

A building committee was established and discussions with the Town of Markham were initiated to locate a suitable facility owned by the Town. After careful deliberation it was decided the best prospect would be 22 Water  Street. The building was officially opened in September, 1991.  

Over the years our club has continued to grow. Today we have approximately 1100 members. We are proud of the fact we have been able to offer evolving activities that are in keeping with the wishes of our membership while continuing to honour the original mission statement  set out by our founding members. Recognition and thanks are offered  to everyone who has given generously of their  time and talent over the years to help us achieve this.     


You must by 55 years of age or older to join the O.A.I.A. To Become a member please drop by in person. Mon. - Thu. 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Fri. 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 

Payment can be made either by cheque made payable to O.A.I.A. or cash ($35 for City of Markham residents and $45 for non-residents)  Sorry we cannot accept credit card or debit payment at this time.

Please note that your I.D. may be required to confirm age and residential status.

We are located at 22 Water Street, Markham Ontario. 

We look forward to seeing you.



PRESIDENT - Mark Barrett 


SECRETARY - Audrey Hillis  




DIRECTOR - Fred Di Bello

DIRECTOR - Mike Hayes

DIRECTOR - Helena Miscampbell

DIRECTOR - Ellie Mosher

DIRECTOR - Wendy Wise